Home Cooks:

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An online marketplace that allows people to buy and sell homemade food. Currently available in Toronto and the GTA.

Home Cooks:

 Home cooks create dishes in their own kitchens, and then post photos and pricing on the web app. People select what they want to eat and pay directly through the app.

Our HomeCooks open their kitchens and post what they’re making to share with users browsing their community. Our chefs are privileged to many benefits, namely, as an independent contractor being able to make a name for themselves in their community and monetize the meals they love to make and earn a handsome 90% from every transaction they make on HomeCooks platforms. Not to mention, our HomeCooks can work part time or full time to compliment their schedule to earn extra money as their own boss. One of the coolest things about being a cook on the HoemCooks network is we connect them with foodies to share their meals with.


Why we do what we do? Why does it matter?

The harsh reality of the food services industry is, no matter how amazing of a cook you are, it is practically impossible for a full time parent or an aspiring chef to open his or her own shop. The barrier to entering the food industry is quite high. We aim to break this barrier and make it simple for home cooks to start selling their delicious food, refine their best recipes and connect with foodies in their community.

Many home cooks encounter similar problems when trying to sell their items. Some of the main problems we have learned from cooks include; lack of platforms to increase customer base and advertise products, legal requirements, delivery constraints and online payment options. We are tackling these problems for home cooks to take over all the hassle, streamline the process and let cooks concentrate on what they love the most. Cooking.


Chefs and bakers – get your products discovered.

  • Join our community and easily share your creations by posting pictures, descriptions, availability, delivery options and pricing.
  • Confirm your orders with a click of a button.
  • Get featured for getting top ratings and reviews.
  • Temporarily pause your selected product ads when you’re on vacation or over booked.


For Users:

As a customer, you can see meals being prepared in your neighborhood this week using your current or saved location. You can view these meals, learn more about the cook, choose between delivery times or pickup and order single items or weekly meal plan to be delivered to you, ready to eat. You'll see how many servings are available and can order as many as you want up to the maximum available.

We've all grown up enjoying great home-cooked meals in GTA, we love a sense of community and neighborly love. And that’s why we could not think of a better way to bring that all together than to create an avenue for home cooks by building communities across the country to share that same connection through delicious food.


Food enthusiasts – find your local chef for meals and custom baked goods for your family and events.

  • Discover who’s cooking and baking in your neighborhood based on your location.
  • Search by food types, cuisine or based on recommendation from friends
  • Your feedback is important to us and other users that follow. After your dining experience, rate and review your food experience, so others know what to expect!
  • Refer friends and get discounts on next orders
  • Mobile ChecOut - Forgot your wallet? No worries! HomeCooks allows you to order meals and pay with your stored & secured method of payment within your profile.
  • Push Notifications - We notify you when your meal is ready, and regular updates on delivery.



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