Why US

Why we do what we do? Why does it matter?

The harsh reality of the food services industry is, no matter how amazing of a cook you are, it is practically impossible for a full time parent or an aspiring chef to open his or her own shop. The barrier to entering the food industry is quite high. 
Many home cooks encounter similar problems when trying to sell their items. Some of the main problems we have learned from cooks include; lack of platforms to increase customer base and advertise products, legal requirements, delivery constraints and online payments. We are tackling these problems for home cooks to take over all the hassle, streamline the process and let cooks concentrate on what they love the most.

 For Food enthusiasts – explore our community of local HomeCooks. Currently we represent 5+ Chefs, 17+ Dishes and constantly growing. 

As a customer, you can see meals prepared by local HomeCooks in your neighborhood using your current or saved location. You can view these meals, learn more about the cook, choose between delivery or pickup and order single items or weekly bundle to be delivered to you, ready to eat. 


  • Discover HomeCooks in your neighborhood.
  • Search by food types, cuisine, reviews or friend's recommendation.
  • Mobile Check Out - HomeCooks allows you to order meals and pay with your stored & secured method of payment within your profile.

 For Chefs and bakers – Get your products discovered.

  • Join our community and share your creations with foodies in the city
  • Efficiently manage orders, payments and inventory using our software
  • Get featured for getting top ratings and reviews
  • Temporarily pause your shop, when you’re on vacation or over booked